Ohio Brew Week App

Athensworks, in partnership with Ohio Brew Week, built an app for Ohio Brew Week 2015 and recently updated it for OBW 2016. All work was done by a group of volunteers and members of Athensworks in the context of a monthly event we call Hack Night. If you’re interested in Hack Night, checkout our Facebook Page. If you’re interested in a membership, we’d love to have you join Athensworks, just give us a shout!

Download on the AppStore

All the code that went into the app is open source and can be found at:

Special Thanks To

  • Michael Blohm
  • Ricky Chilcott
  • Ben Lachman
  • Joe Bell
  • John Buswell
  • Kristen Masada
  • Matt Bargar
  • Matt Forsyth
  • Steve Porter
  • Taylor Olmstead
  • Tim Grannen
  • Zach Perrault
  • Nice Mohawk for providing developer accounts and design/development support
  • Rakefire for providing web hosting and web application development support

Unfortunately, we don’t have an Android or Web application this year, but we hope to in the future. You may also view the Brew Week Website for some brewer information. If you see any of the developers or designers at Brew Week, buy them a beer and maybe next year they’ll add more features and platforms.

Please let us know what you think about the app by emailing info@athensworks.com.