Hi, this is Athensworks, a local coworking community. At our uptown location we have shared office space, great coffee, fun events, and a unique group of members.

We aim to support our members by providing a creative and productive environment for work, discussion, collaboration, and even mentoring to occur. Our goal is to grow our individual members, the coworking community, and local business environment.

What is coworking?

Coworking offers a calm, productive environment to those who would otherwise work at home or in another space not always conducive to their work.

Many new and small businesses don’t need their own dedicated workplace. Working from home can be a convenient and cost-effective arrangement for small teams and individuals, but working where you live is not without drawbacks. Isolation from coworkers, feeling housebound, convenient distractions, kids, nagging housework, and other domestic factors can make constantly working at home detrimental to your happiness and your productivity. If you meet with clients but aren’t particularly fond of having them over to the house, having a coworking space can lend professionalism to your meetings and keep you from wondering how much junk lying around is too much.

What are the benefits?

Coworking is more than just a space, though. With a diverse group of people, unexpected opportunities arise. Having trouble putting together an effective online presence? There are bound to be others in the space who can answer basic questions, point you in the right direction, or even take you on as a client of their own. Not sure how best to bring your product or service to market? With people from a variety of backgrounds available to chat with, you might come away with an unexpected perspective or two on making sales locally or globally. Have a random technical question your spouse, kid, or pet is unlikely to be able to answer? Just turn around in your chair and ask. Everyone’s available to help.

Coworking is about working with other people in a work-oriented place. Whether that appeals to you as a nine-to-five solution to your daily grind or as an occasional retreat to a less chaotic environment, we’re here to help.